Table A-5 Rating of the various formats of summarized wind data available from NCDC.
Summary Type Rating
ABC ("A", "B", and "C" Summaries) Good-Fair
A-F (Revised "A" through "F" Summaries)(a) Good
ASWR (Airport Study Wind Rose) Poor-Annual Only
CVSBY (Ceiling-Visibility Wind Tabulation) Fair
N (N-Type Surface Summary) Poor
QMC (Quartermaster Corps) Fair-Poor
SHO (Summary of Hourly Observations) Good
SMAR (Summary of Monthly Aerological Records) Good-Fair
SMOS (Summary of Meteorological Observations - Surface)(a) Good
SOMAR (Summary of Monthly Aerological Records) Fair
STAR (Stability Rose) Good-Fair
WND TAB (Wind Tabulation) Rating varies with format
1139 C (Combined Period Summary of Surface Wind by Velocity Groups)(a) Poor
1139 D (Monthly Wind Summary) Poor
1139 E (Surface Winds) Fair-Poor

(a) Formats that include diurnal summaries.