Wind Energy Resource Atlas of the United States

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Appendix A Synthesis of Regional Assessments - Data Analysis and Assessment Methodologies

Appendix B

Wind Energy Resource Information System (WERIS)

The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville, North Carolina makes available a wind data base designed specifically for use in wind energy applications. The data base includes approximately 975 station locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Pactfic Islands. Wind speed and direction data from specific locations were analyzed with various techniques to estimate wind power at exposed sites. The data base includes wind power statistics and several other wind summaries, such as direction vs. speed and speed vs. hour-of-day frequency distributions. The major source of wind data that went into the wind resource assessments was the NCDC Airways Surface Observations data set (TD-1440) that had been coded onto magnetic tape, either as hourly or 3-hourly observations (Appendix C). The Pactfic Northwest Laboratory, as part of its activity in wind resource assessment for the Department of Energy, analyzed the data in the tape set through the end of 1978 for pertinent wind energy statistics.

Analyses were performed on each period of record during which the anemometer height, anemometer location, and frequency of observation were found among the 975 locations. Considerable use was made of the National Wind Data Index (Changery 1978) to identify these periods. The data base is archived on microfiche and magnetic tape.

Microfiche Tables

Nineteen different kinds of tables for 975 stations were produced in this analysis. Standard information given with each table includes the table number, station name, station WBAN number, period of record, number of valid observations, and anemometer height and reference location.

Table B-1 outlines 19 tables of statistics on one microfiche per city per period of constant anemometer location. A user may order a copy of the fiche or select specific tables to be produced on paper (see this page for ordering information).

Digital File

The wind digital file was originally designed as an interactive system. Unfortunately, because of a shortage of communication ports on the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) computers, users cannot currently access the data base directly. Magnetic tapes containing operational programs and data files must be transferred from tape to disk in order to use this system. The NCDC, acting in place of the user, will query the data base to produce a user-tailored subset of the data base. For information on the types of possible outputs, request a copy of the WERIS user's manual TD-9793.

The data base that can be produced for the user will be some subset of the information contained in the microfiche tables. The NCDC will execute any combination of the four primary data selections and display programs: Annual, Frequency, Climate, and Persistence. The type of data each of these programs access is described below.

  1. Annual- means and standard deviations of wind speed and wind energy flux, pattern factor, and Weibull distribution parameters by month and year for the period of record.

  2. Frequency-mean wind speed and speed frequency distribution by hour of the day and by direction for each month of the period including an annual summary.

  3. Climate-means of air temperature, pressure, and density plus occurrences of thirteen weather events by month for the period of record.

  4. Persistence-the number of runs of various durations in which the wind speed exceeded a threshold speed or the direction remained constant for the period of record.


The NCDC can provide microfiche copies of the table data or hard copy prints from the microfiche. The NCDC can also provide digital selections of specific subsets of the data. For more information on the National Wind Data Base, write or call:

National Climatic Data Center
Information Services Division
Federal Building
Asheville, NC 28801-2696
(704) 259-0682
FTS 8-672-0682


Changery, M. J. 1978. National Wind Data Index.
HCO/T1041-01, DOE/NOAA, E(49-26)-1041, National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, North Carolina.

Appendix C Annual and Seasonal Mean Wind Speed and Power Summaries For Selected Stations in the United States and Its Territories

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