User's Manual for TMY2s

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Appendix b   Key to Present Weather Elements


Unit Conversion Factors

Table C-1 contains a table of unit conversion factors for converting SI data to other units.

Table C-1. Conversion Factors

To Convert FromInto Multiply By
degrees Centigrade degrees Fahrenheit C° x 1.8 + 32
degree days (base 18.3°C) degree days (base 65°F) 1.8
degrees (angle) radians 0.017453
lux foot-candles 0.0929
meters per second miles per hour 2.237
meters per second kilometers per hour 3.6
meters per second knots 1.944
meters inches 39.37
meters feet 3.281
meters yards 1.094
meters miles (statute) 0.0006214
millibars pascals 100.0
millibars atmospheres 0.0009869
millibarspounds per square inch 0.0145
watt-hours per square meter joules per square meter3600.0
watt-hours per square meter Btu's per square foot 0.3170
watt-hours per square meter Langleys 0.08604
watt-hours per square metercalories per square centimeter0.08604

Table of Contents
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