User's Manual for TMY2s

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The authors would like to acknowledge NREL staff members Steve Wilcox, Martin Rymes, Mary Anne Dunlap, Lisa Shertz, Craig Robben, Carol Riordan, Dave Renne, Gene Maxwell, Tom Stoffel, Chris Cornwall, Eric Hammond, Roland Hulstrom, Daryl Myers, and Chet Wells and National Climatic Data Center staff member Marc Plantico for their contributions to the development of the TMY2 data sets and user's manual.

Other individuals also reviewed NREL's plans to generate the TMY2 data sets and provided valuable recommendations. This feedback early in the project permitted efforts to be focused on maximizing the benefits of the TMY2s for users. We are thankful for the efforts of these individuals, whose names and affiliations are: Raymond Bahm (Raymond J. Bahm and Associates), William Beckman (University of Wisconsin), Larry Degelman (Texas A&M University), Nolan Doesken (Colorado State University), Randy Gee (Industrial Solar Technology Corporation), Chris Gueymard (Florida Solar Energy Center), Doug Hittle (Colorado State University), Michael Holtz (Architectural Energy Corporation), Michael Kennedy (Ecotope), Ed Kern (Ascension Technology, Inc.), Sandy Klein (University of Wisconsin), Jan Kreider (University of Colorado), Hans Lund (Technical University of Denmark), Ken May (Industrial Solar Technology Corporation), Dave Menicucci (Sandia National Laboratories), John Schaefer (Consultant), Arvid Skartveit (Geophysical Institute, Norway), Veronica Soebarto (Texas A&M University), Didier Thevenard (Watsun Simulation Laboratory), Mike Thomas (Sandia National Laboratories), and Frank Vignola (University of Oregon).

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