Spectral Solar Radiation Data Base Documentation, Vol. II

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This report documents the Solar Energy Research Institute's spectral solar radiation data base. Volume I describes the history, approach, content, and format of the data, and Volume II contains graphs of each of the spectral solar radiation curves and associated field notes.

This is the first public release of these data. Our intent is to make the data available as soon as possible so that others can use it. However, we also intend to create additional products and data subsets in the future to illustrate applications of the data for special purposes or analyses.

Comments or questions about these data should be directed to the National Renewable Energy Research Laboratory, Center for Renewable Energy Resources in Golden, Colorado, 80401; or email rredc.@nrel.nrel.gov.


SERI would like to acknowledge the work of the Florida Solar Energy Center and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in building this spectral solar radiation data base. Without their help, this data base would not have been possible.


Table of Contents

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