Quality Assessment with SERI_QC

Quality Assessment with SERI_QC

Table 1. Flagging Convention for SERI_QC
  Flag   Description
00   Untested (raw data)
01   Passed one-component test; data fall within min-max limits of Kt, Kn, or Kd
02   Passed two-component test; data fall within 0.03 of the Gompertz boundaries
03   Passed three-component test; data come within ± 0.03 of satisfying
04   Passed visual inspection; not used by SERI_QC
05   Failed visual inspection; not used by SERI_QC
06   Value estimated; passes all pertinent SERI_QC test
07   Failed one-component test; lower than allowed minimum
08   Failed one-component test; higher than allowed maximum
09   Passed three-component test but failed two-component test by > 0.05
10-93   Failed two- or three-component tests in one of four ways.

  To determine the test failed and the manner of failure (high or low),
  examine the remainder of the calculation (flag + 2)/4.

    REM               Failure                                                      
      0         Parameter too low by three-component test (Kt=Kn+Kd)

      1         Parameter too high by three-component test (Kt=Kn+Kd)

      2         Parameter too low by two-component test (Gompertz boundaries)

      3         Parameter too high by two-component test (Gompertz boundaries)

  The magnitude of the test failure (distance in K-units) is determined from:
    d = (INT (flag +2)/4)/100.
94-97   Data fall into a physically impossible region where Kn > Kt by K-space distances of
  0.05 to 0.10 (94), 0.10 to 0.15 (95), 0.15 to 0.20 (96) amd ± 0.20 (97).
98   Not used
99   Missing data

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