Circumsolar Radiation Data: The Lawrence Berkely Laboratory Reduced Data Base

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This report describes the content and format of a large data base that contains detailed intensity profiles of the solar and circumsolar region (out to 3 degrees from the sun's center), the total and spectrally divided direct normal radiation data, as well as the total hemispherical solar radiation in the horizontal plane and the plane facing the sun. Data are available for 11 locations in the United States in the period 1976 to 1981. The measurements were made by four automatic scanning instruments called circumsolar telescopes that operated about 16 hours per day. The data base contains about 200 megabytes of information.

This Reduced Data Base represents about one-tenth of the total data taken by the circumsolar telescopes. The original data include, in addition to the above mentioned information, solar and circumsolar scans divided into eight (approximately equal in energy) spectral bands and weather information (wind speed and direction, temperature and relative humidity). The Reduced Data Base was generated from the larger data set to provide the data in a more manageable form. This report describes a reformatted Reduced Data Base (in the form of a sequential ASCII file) to make it more generally available to potential users. A "best effort" attempt was made to eliminate bad or inaccurate data, but Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the Solar Energy Research Institute do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of information contained in this Reduced Data Base.


Table of Contents

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