National Solar Radiation Data Base User's Manual (1961-1990)

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Appendix A
Units Conversion Factors

Appendix A contains a table of units conversion factors to assist users in the conversion of SI data base units to other units of their choice.

Table A-1. Conversion Factors
To Convert FromIntoMultiply By
watt-hours per square meterjoules per square meter3600.0
watt-hours per square meterBtu's per square foot0.3172
watt-hours per square meterLangleys0.0860
watt-hours per square metercalories per square centimeter0.0860
degree Centigradedegree FahrenheitC° X 1.8 + 32
millibarspounds per square inch0.0145
degrees (angle)radians0.017453
meters per secondmiles per hour2.237
meters per secondkilometers per hour3.6
meters per secondknots1.944
metersmiles (statute)0.0006214

Appendix B: Station Notes

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