WEST Associates

    (Western Energy Supply and Transmission Associates)

In the mid 1970's Southern California Edison (SCE) submitted a proposal to Western Energy Supply and Transmission (WEST) Associates to expand the solar monitoring effort outside of the SCE service territory in ann effort to establish an accurate solar data base. The project, as approved, created the WEST Solar Monitoring network which eventually included 52 stations in six western states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming). The network operated for five years during 1976-1980 collecting 15-minute global horizontal and direct normal solar irradiances, and dry-bulb temperatures. Not all stations were in operation all five years, nor did all stations collect all three data parameters.

Map of West Associates Sites



Site File Size
Site File Size
Alamosa, CO 5.1 Mandalay, CA 8.4
Albuquerque, NM 5.1 Moorpark, CA 5.9
Alhambra, CA 4.6 Page, AZ 3.4
Alpine, AZ 5.1 Palm Springs, CA 6.7
Arrowhead, CA 5.8 Pardee, CA 8.4
Barstow, CA 8.4 Parker, AZ 1.6
Blythe, CA 6.7 Phoenix, AZ 4.1
Boulder City, NV 3.7 Pueblo, CO 4.9
Carlsbad, CA 5.1 Ramona, CA 5.1
Cheyenne, WY 5.1 Reno, NV 2.8
Chula Vista, CA 5.1 Rialto, CA 5.9
Denver 1 (SE), CO 4.5 Ridge Crest, CA 6.7
Denver 2 (Holly), CO 4.6 Saguaro, CA 3.0
Eldorado, NV 8.4 San Diego, CA 2.0
El Cajon, CA 5.1 San Pedro, CA 2.0
El Segundo, CA 8.4 Spring Valley, CA 2.2
El Toro, CA 6.7 St Johns, AZ .424
Escondido, CA 5.1 Sun Valley, CA 3.9
Gila Bend, AZ 4.9 Tucson, AZ 4.9
Huntington Beach, CA 8.4 Victorville, CA 8.4
Imperial, CA 6.2 Villa Park, CA 5.9
Inglewood, CA 2.8 Visalia, CA 5.6
Laguna Bell, CA 8.4 Walnut, CA 8.4
Lancaster, CA 8.4 West Los Angeles, CA 3.7
Las Vegas, NV 4.1 West Valley, CA 1.7
Los Angeles, CA 4.4 Yucca Valley, CA 6.7

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