National Solar Radiation Data Base

1991- 2010 Update

About the Update
  The updated 1991-2010 National Solar Radiation Database holds solar and meteorological data for 1,454 locations in the United States and its territories (see Figure 1.) Currently this site holds a solar research version of the NSRDB with additional solar fields (without meteorological data).

Our license agreement with Clean Power Research® (CPR) necessitates that we remove all aggregated gridded and station dataset. However, individual pixels and station data for individual years containing SUNY solar resources data are available from the links in the table below.


  • Please note that the current NSRDB user’s manual (2010) does not reflect the changes due to the license agreement.

NSRDB Data Access Options

Data Set Distributor FTP Access HTML Access
NSRDB solar & filled meteorological fields Currently unavailable. Currently unavailable.
NSRDB solar & Integrated Surface Database
(ISD) meteorological fields (no data filling)
Currently unavailable. Currently unavailable.
SUNY 10-km gridded data (1998 to 2009) with
filled North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR) meteorological fields*.
(Solar Prospector)
NSRDB statistical summaries NREL
(see Data, below)
NSRDB research solar fields (no meteorological data) NREL
(see Data, below)

*Available as individual pixel-years.

  • Hourly Solar Data and Statistical Summaries

    • Individual site-years by:

    • All available solar data and statistical files in compressed site files (gzip compression*) by:

      *Files created using UNIX tar and gzip compression. Utilities are commonly available on UNIX, Mac, and
      Windows platforms to decompress and extract these files.

  • Typical Meteorological Year (TMY3) Files
  • Updated TMY3 files are now available; please see this announcement for details.
    The original TMY3 files will be available through February 2015, possibly longer.

  • NSRDB_StationsMeta.csv   (CSV, 104 KB)
    Metadata file containing site USAF number, class, station name, coordinates, etc.


  Measured Data - About 40 stations in the updated NSRDB include measured solar data (1991-2005), supplied by these agencies:
  • Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program, DOE
  • Florida Solar Energy Center, State of Florida
  • Integrated Surface Irradiance Study (ISIS) and Surface Radiation Budget Measurement (SURFRAD) Networks, NOAA/ARL, NOAA/ESRL/Global Monitoring Division
  • Measurement and Instrumentation Data Center, NREL
  • University of Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory Network
  • University of Texas Solar Energy Laboratory.

Project Participants - Primary project funding came from NREL with support from the following collaborators:

  • The Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, State University of New York at Albany
  • Climate Systems Branch, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Clean Power Research®
  • National Climatic Data Center, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Northeast Regional Climate Center, Cornell University
  • Solar Consulting Services, Colebrook, New Hampshire
  • Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory, University of Oregon.

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