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The spectrl2 C code was revised 24 March 2004 after an incompatibility was discovered with solpos.c, which had recently revised. Necessary code was added within the function for callig the solpos function. In addition, all spectrl2 input and output variables were moved to a structure. The spectrl2 function is now called with the structure passed by reference.

The revised code is referred to as version 2, or spectrl2_2.

The spectrl2 C code for version 2 is available for download in three compressed formats. The compressed files each contain the following four files:



Choose your preferred compression format:

Please Note:

To compile and run spectrl2 you will need the solar position calculator code solpos.c and header file solpos00.h. These can be downloaded from the the SOLPOS page at

Last updated: 24 March 2004

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