Circumsolar Radiation Data:
The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Reduced Data Base

About the Data Base

The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Reduced Data Base contains about 200 megabytes of information, including detailed intensity profiles of the solar and circumsolar region, the total and spectrally divided direct normal radiation data, as well as the total hemispherical solar radiation in the horizontal plane and the plane facing the sun.

Data are available for 11 locations in the United States in the period 1976 to 1981. The measurements were made by four circumsolar telescopes operating about 16 hours per day. The Reduced Data Base represents about one-tenth of the total data taken by the circumsolar telescopes.

Data Files

        Albuquerque_STTF (45MB)
Albuquerque_TETF (22MB)
Argonne (15MB)
Atlanta (60MB)
Barstow (57MB)
Boardman (7.5MB)
China Lake (17MB)
Colstrip (961KB)
Edwards (43MB)
Fort Hood Bunker (8MB)
Fort Hood TES (4.7MB)

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