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Saudi Arabia

About the Project

Since 1995, the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have co-operated to establish a 12 station network of high quality solar radiation monitoring installations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NREL and KACST realized the value of accurate surface solar radiation flux measurements for validation of satellite derived surface and atmospheric solar radiation flux measurements, and is making this data available to support validation of satellite data products related to the NASA Mission to Planet Earth component of the Earth Science Enterprise Earth Observing System (EOS) project to evaluate long term climate trends based on measuements from EOS Terra Platforms.

A CIMEL 8 channel sunphotometer for measuring aerosol optical depth at 6 wavelengths and total column water has been deployed at the Solar Village station since February 24, 1999. Near real time and historical data are available at (choose the AERONET DATA link and the SOLAR VILLAGE station.)

The current structure and availability of the data is best understood by reading about the format of the data files BEFORE accessing the data through the station list. The current contents of the site are the quality assessed and flagged measured data, as comma seperated variables, since January 1998, for each site (see Format of the Data Files). In the near future, METADATA concerning the specific instruments by serial number at each site, and individual calibration and deployment history will be added to this site.

Questions and comments about this project should be directed to the principle investigaotrs and contacts. Please communicate questions, comments, and suggestions regarding this website to the Webmaster.

List of Stations and Clickable Map

Click on a station name in the table or on the map to find a list of data months available for that station.

Network Station Latitude
  BSRN   Solar Village*   24.91   46.41   650  
  Annex II   Abha 18.23   42.66   2039  
Al-Ahsa 25.30   49.48   178  
Gizan 16.90   42.58   7  
Qassim 26.31   43.77   647  
Jeddah 21.68   39.15   4  
Al-Madinah 24.55   39.70   626  
Al-Qaisumah 28.32   46.13   358  
Sharurah   17.47   47.11   725  
Al-Jouf 29.79   40.10   669  
Solar Village*   24.91   46.41   650  
Tabouk 28.38   36.61   768  
Wadi Al-Dawaser 20.44   44.68   701  
Solar Village Al-Madinah Jeddah Gizan Sharurah Abha Wadi_Al-Dawaser Al-Ahsa Qassim Al-Qaisumah Tabouk Al-Jouf

*Northwest of Riyadh

Principal Investigators and Contacts

For further information regarding this project, please contact:

      Dr. Naif al-Abbadi     (v) 966-01-481-3500
      King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology       (f) 966-01-481-3880
      Energy Research Institute     (e)
      P.O. Box 6086    
      Riyadh 11442    
      Kingdom of Saudi Arabia    

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